June 11, 1987

6/11/87 Naru Moru

NOLS Headquarters

Last night we had our first lesson, lighting a lantern safely. We all knew how but it was the first lesson taught by Kugambe, one of the Kenyan instructors. Today, we spent going over personal gear for the mountain section of our semester course. Besides the items we brought from home, we were also issued gear like backpacks, tents, and stoves.

Lisa gives us one of our first lessons on how to pack.

After lunch, we were issued our food for the next nine days, about thirteen pounds per person. Our group of fifteen was divided into tent/cooking groups. Mine includes Maria and Peter, a Kenyan scholarship student. We’ll be tent-mates, probably till the next food drop. Our food rations are mostly powders, beans, and a lot of spices. Not very appetizing but in eight days, who knows?

NOLS Summer 1987 Semester in Kenya Group
Charlie, Annie, Marshall, Margaret, Angus, Dave, Brian, Jim, Liz, Bo & Katy
Harvard, Jack, Kigambi, Maria, Amy, Mbugua, Becky, Mike
Duritu, Steve, Merl & Lisa

The group has quieted down a lot, no doubt because our minds are on Mount Kenya. Really the most talked about topic is getting one last shower before the mountain section which will last three weeks. The weather here today was very sunny and warm but the mountain was shrouded in the clouds.